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    NIA Puyallup Valley
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    ‪(253) 655-7287‬
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    (951) 751-6671
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    I love connecting people and watching them thrive while they achieve their goals!
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    I am a Southern California native that is bilingual in Spanish. I am currently located in Bonney Lake, WA where I live with my husband, two boys and our pets! I have been in the Pacific Northwest since the Summer of 2019 and have really enjoyed the people and the all this wonderful state has to offer.

    I have owned my Independent Insurance Agency since 2021 and have been in the industry since 2011. Through the growth of my agency, I learned the power that networking holds for connection and creating relationships with others. I learned so much about the growth of my business and created life long bonds with the NIA group I joined! I felt that connection lacking when I moved from the Eastside to Bonney Lake. That is when I decided to buy a franchise of my own and create connection within my new community!

    I have really loved getting to know all of the local business owners and help them grow and see what a great opportunity that NIA has to offer! It really has been life-changing.
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    Community Builder
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    Hiking, Fishing, Running, Camping, Working out, Bike Riding, Wine Tasting, Going on adventures (Whether far or near), listening to audio books, True Crime & spending quality time with friends and family.
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    I am looking for members who believe in the power of passion, education and genuine connection. I hand pick my members who have the same values I do when it comes to referring their clients to someone. That is what I am looking for in my group. Commitment to educating their clients & building a relationship is something they are passionate about.
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    Bonney Lake
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    United States
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    When you refer someone to join NIA, and they sign up you get two months free!
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    Arizona State University
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    What are your experiences Networking?
    How do you see networking as a means for achieving growth beyond exchanging leads?
    How do you believe your involvement in NIA will benefit you and our group?
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