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    Collect Northwest
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    Collect Northwest is owned and operated by a motivated and supportive family that has created a positive work environment. It is a privilege to be a part of a business that genuinely helps other businesses by completing a highly regulated, tedious, yet crucial task of collecting unpaid dues of their clients/customers.
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    My professional career started in the hospitality industry, working as a Front Desk Agent while attending community college for a degree in Criminal Justice. In addition to hospitality, I worked part-time in security as well as being a foster parent. I received my Associate's Degree upon completing the Reserve Officer Law Enforcement Academy at Rogue Community College.

    As a result, I entered a Law Enforcement career as a Reserve Police Officer for approximately one year before becoming a full-time Police Officer with the City of Grants Pass. After almost five years of a fulfilling and rewarding career in Law Enforcement, I was privileged to have been allowed to join Collect Northwest / Southern Oregon Credit Service.

    Collect Northwest is a debt collection service in the family of companies under Southern Oregon Credit Service.

    Our business specializes in returning money to all businesses, including government services, the medical field, utilities, and more. Our expertise would require no upfront payment from your business, ensuring a maximum return of revenue to your business with no risk to you. In addition, our company collects debts with professionalism and convenience to you and debtors due to our compliance standards and superior customer service.

    Collect Northwest routinely outperforms our competitors in side-by-side trials. Our collectors are compensated for their positive behaviors and the money they collect, allowing our team more opportunities in negotiations. Collect Northwest uses a litigation model in our operations which produces higher recoveries. Our staff and attorneys have the expertise to produce superior results. Our remittance policies regarding attorney fees, serving fees, and interest, plus our philosophy to pursue small claims courts whenever possible, produces more revenue faster for our clients while reducing the financial burden on the consumers compared to our competitors.

    Our business is more than capable of receiving any volume of accounts that you send our way. Submitting accounts for us to collect can be achieved by any means that proves convenient to you. Therefore, I know we can meet your company’s needs and become a convenient resource in collecting money for your business.

    Signing up for our service is painless, quick, and will cost you absolutely nothing. Furthermore, we do not get paid until we start collecting revenue for your business.
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    Debt Collection
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    Business Development Specialist
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    Collect Northwest can be shared with any business that currently utilizes a debt collection company and would like to compare their service due to the likelihood of receiving a lower rate and a higher rate of the return of income. Additionally, our business can be shared with any business that would like to start saving time and money by utilizing our companies debt collection service.
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