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    Griffin Digital
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    Digital Marketing isn’t Complicated, but it can be very Complex!
    DM is the process of taking who you are in real life & communicating it across online platforms. There are hundreds of moving parts that go into this & we dive into the weeds so you don't have to. With so many different options to solve your marketing needs, we sift through them to build a strategy that works for you!
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    From the overall strategy to creating quality content, Marketing has been my lifelong passion. While attending UNOH, I obtained an Associates Degree in Digital Multimedia & a Bachelors in Business Admin with a Concentration in Marketing. My career began as an Account Executive for Spectrum/Time Warner where I worked with businesses on their TV & Digital Marketing strategies. I then went to work in a Business Printing/Promotional Product company where I learned the basics of Graphic Design & how to implement great ideas into tangible solutions. When I moved to Denver in December 2019, I had the opportunity to learn the entire marketing process. As the Marketing & Events Coordinator for a Real Estate Development & Sales company, I worked with my colleagues on implementing our entire strategy. Some of my duties included helping with social media & blog development, website design, marketing collateral development, event marketing, & more. My main responsibility was to redevelop our entire CRM/Email Marketing platform. This included email design, landing page design, system strategy & development, connecting various software platforms, & scrubbing a contact list of 10k+ emails for both our B2C & B2B departments.

    Throughout my career, I've come to the realization that there is an overabundance of marketing options for businesses. This is why I decided to start a Digital Marketing agency that focuses on finding the unique solutions for each specific client. We don't claim to be the experts in your field rather we aim to be the experts that help you get it done. We work with you to understand the nuances of your company, develop your voice, & ensure we are talking to the right potential customers.
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    Marketing & Advertising
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    Owner / Lead Developer
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    I really enjoy Golf, it’s a sport I have been a part of since High School. My goal for 2023 is to join a weekly Golf League. Reach out to play a round!
    During my High School years, I had the opportunity to take 2 years of French. I plan to re-learn this language as well as Spanish by 2025.
    I’m constantly looking for new ways to learn, that’s why I started to read more frequently. My goal is to read a book per month, primarily focused on professional & personal development.
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    We are a Full Stack Digital Marketing Agency focused on creating valuable content, making it attention-grabbing, & distributing the message to the right potential customers. We do this by developing the systems & reporting necessary to ensure your message is being shared with the right potential customers. We take a consultative & analytical approach to everything we do, ensuring we know your goals & are striving for them in each piece of marketing collateral.
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    United States
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    Now offering % discounts for NIA members, dependent on size of project. We also offer referral bonuses to select partners, in the form of cash or free marketing efforts. Inquire for more details.
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    University of Northwestern Ohio
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    How often do you update your website, post on socials, send emails, etc?
    Do you offer online services or products (e-commerce)?
    Is your online traffic (& more importantly, conversions to sales) struggling lately or not up to your standards?
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    Hey ______,
    I'd like to introduce you to Brandon, Owner & Lead Developer for Griffin Digital. Brandon & his team are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Digital Marketing & they strive to build a solution that is right for you. They don't believe in a 1-size-fits-all approach to marketing so they develop a software plan, content strategy, & implementation schedule that fits your needs. Brandon always says "Your online presence is a digital version of your voice. How do we spread your message?" While their primary focus is on Websites, SEO, & CRM systems, they have developed the tools & partnerships to create a cohesive strategy across all marketing platforms. I recommend setting up a Zoom call or coffee appointment to chat about your questions & needs!