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    Blossoming Insurance Agency
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    I'm Bre, a licensed health insurance agent and advisor. Good, hard-working self-employed individuals, families, and small business owners deserve to NOT settle for Obamacare's Marketplace plans, the daunting requirements of having every employee on a group plan, and being tricked into believing a Medicaid subsidy plan will protect you or your assets! Talk to me now to put value back into a health insurance plan like it used to be.
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    I'm Bre, a licensed agent under USHealth Group & partnered with United HealthCare. I work with people who pay much of their doctor bills out-of-pocket and are frustrated with the high premiums & limited benefits.
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    Private Health Insurance Advisor
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    Advisor and Agent
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    Swimming, Cooking, Eating, Movies, Outdoor Activities, Traveling
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    Someone earning a minimum of 50k/yr, who is pretty healthy, and are tired of paying for COBRA or feeling stuck on Obamacare and it's terrible HMO network. I mainly work directly with Travel Professions to provide them high-value, PPO Network plans, such as: Nurses, Locum Tenens Physician, Truck Drivers, Bloggers, Business Owners, etc.
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    United States
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    FREE Consultation
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    Purdue University
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    Are you getting savings/discount on your current health insurance plan?
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    Our good college and trusting friend, Bre, will guide you to the best health insurance solution for you.