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    Munkeby Kramer
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    I am passionate about helping my clients create a better life by achieving goals that they may once have thought were out of reach.
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    I have been working in the financial industry and with the same company, Munkeby Kramer, since 2007. I am dedicated to helping my clients plan for their future. I have been afforded the name ‘Reliable Financial Planner’ based on the dedication and accountability I bring to my client relationships.

    I specialize in Financial Planning, Investments, and Insurance Services in Minnetonka, Hopkins, and Blaine.
    Here’s how I can help:
    ✔ Goal Planning
    ✔ Expectation setting
    ✔ Set actionable steps to reach financial goals
    ✔ Cash management
    ✔ Debt review
    ✔ Investment management
    ✔ Retirement planning
    ✔ Income in retirement
    ✔ Tax analysis
    ✔ Education planning
    ✔ Asset protection*
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    Financial Advisor
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    Golf, camping, biking, sports, and spending time with family
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    Someone who is closing in on retirement, not sure how to transition from getting a paycheck to using their assets and resources (Social Security, Pension, investment properties) for income. I help them recognize efficiencies of how to best utilize their resources available to reduce investment risk, with maximum income and tax efficiency.
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    United States
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    University of Minnesota - Duluth