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    Sound Publishing
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    I love helping businesses and organizations effectively market themselves. When I meet with a decision maker, I get excited about their product, service or mission and want to share that excitement with the community, using the tools that Sound Publishing has available. Seeing a business or non-profit grow brings me a lot of satisfaction.
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    Lived in Washington since I was six years old, both in Spokane and the Puget Sound area. I possess many years of experience working with small businesses on everything from advertising to human resource solutions. I have also sold credit card auditing services and real estate websites and, many, many years ago, was part owner of a business.
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    Multi-Market Sales Account Executive
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    Love getting outside - hiking, walks, swimming, golf - live music and theatre and exploring our state. I can brag that I have been in every county in Washington and love taking road trips. Oh, I am an avid reader as well.
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    Sound offers the most comprehensive suite of marketing solutions - print and digital advertising options along with direct mail, email and social media marketing campaigns. Generally I can offer a solution that will be effective for a potential advertiser.
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    United States
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    Colleen Bagdon
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    Colleen Bagdon
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    Eastern Washington Unviersity
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    1.) Do they need to grow their business today?

    2.) Are they currently doing any marketing?

    3.) Where do their customers come from?
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    As a print and digital marketing professional with Sound Publishing.