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    Aducate Digital
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    Aducate Digital was born to edUCATE small business owners in ADvertising strategies. Our mission is to empower the service support industry in digital marketing strategies. These processes shouldn't be ambiguous and confusing. If you're going to spend money on marketing, you deserve an advisor who will explain things.

    We spoke with many small business owners who were so frustrated with this topic. They had bad experiences with marketing in the past and couldn't assess the value. With limited funds, it's easy to understand why they wanted to give up. Our goal is to fix the knowledge and communication gaps between business owners and marketing efforts.

    Make informed decisions for your business.
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    Nicole Kurtz is a versatile artist with a background in instructional design and business development. Through her company, Aducate Digital, she leverages her expertise in brand development to support small businesses ready to scale. Her mission is to help people who help people, with a particular emphasis on healthcare providers aiding children on the autism spectrum. Nicole's passion lies in creatively and humorously conveying complex topics visually for impactful learning experiences. Learn more about her at
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    Design (Graphic, Instructional, Strategic)
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    I am an artist at my core. In my freetime you can find me doing anything creative: painting, drawing, crochet, quilting, crafting, baking. You name it.
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    You know your business better than anyone. The sleepless nights. The triumphant wins. Your inspiration and dedication. The fire that fuels your success. That's your story. And we're here to help you share it.

    We are the storytellers. The out-of-the-box thinkers. The creative empaths. The educators and lifelong learners.

    Your story is your brand voice. And marketing makes it sing. Grow your business by attracting your ideal clients with the right messaging.

    Let's connect and inspire through purposeful brand marketing and thoughtful strategy.
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    Round Rock
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    United States
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    Free logo refresh for NIA members
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    BFA in Medical Illustration
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    How do you feel at the end of a client contract: Energized? Exhausted?
    (If exhausted, I can help attract ideal clients with the right messaging)

    How quickly do people understand what you do?
    (If it takes more than 20 seconds, I can help you clarify your message so people will listen)

    Is your business growing as fast as you anticipated?
    (If not, I can help you convert clients in days, not months)
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    We educate small business owners in advertising strategies so that they can make informed marketing decisions. Once the strategies are in place, we manage the content marketing needed to sustainably scale.

    We are part business development coach and part brand marketers and have found this method leads to long lasting relationships built on trust. Here is a link to the website: