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    Victory Dawn Photography
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    I take photos because memories can only last so long. There have been so many times that I see a picture and it reminds me of what was happening in that moment that I would have otherwise forgotten about. I am passionate about making sure that each client of mine feels comfortable in front of the camera even with their insecurities or lack of experience.
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    Hello! My name is Victory and I have been a photographer since 2015. I love my work and the people that I get to meet along the way! I have been in Washington for 3 years now and moved here with my husband Michael. I am originally from Texas but you probably won't hear an accent unless there is someone else around from the south haha.
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    I enjoy soaking up the sun on a hike, sports, reading, and hanging out with friends at coffee shops!
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    In my business, I am intentional to keeping my whole client experience true to them. I personalize my shoots to each client so that they feel as much themselves as they possibly can.
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    United States
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    Are you looking for a branding/headshot photographer? Do you value photos of special moments and memories with your family?
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    Victory is an experienced photographer in the Tacoma area who specializes in taking authentic photos true to each client. Her passions lie with making sure that each client feels comfortable in their experience even if they have never had professional photos done before. She photographs weddings, engagements, familes, seniors and headshots.