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    Along with my business partner, we grew a struggling services company to a regional life-safety and security technology company with over 50 employees supporting implementations and services with premier customers. I have also partnered to launch an ERP SaaS platform, both businesses are still going strong. I have served on multiple boards and am familiar with board governance. I have over 30 years of real-life experience as a small business owner/operator.
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    Business Coach and Consultant for small business owner/operators
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    o Holistic assessment by someone who understands small business ownership and the challenges that come with it
    o No pre-determined solutions, meeting where you are, no judgment
    o Account for the small business owner’s vision and entrepreneurial journey
    o Bring real-life experience around small business growth and pain points as a business owner

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    Lake Forest Park
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    United States
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. As the business owner, are you receiving the value from the business that you want?
    2. Do you feel you are leveraging your best and highest use each day and work is an energy plus?
    3. Do you have confidence that your current leadership team will execute your strategic plan?
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    3-way email introduction with the below language as a sample:
    In support of small business owner/operators Dan provides support through coaching and ongoing consultation based on his own experience of owning/operating service-based businesses for over 30 years. Dan takes a high-level strategic perspective to uncover what areas may benefit the most and what resources are needed, meeting you where you are at, no judgement. You can find out more at or his LinkedIn profile at Feel free to setup time with Dan at or use Dan’s email