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    Gray Horse Paving
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    To change people’s life along the way including my family and hopefully retire at 40-45 and be a volunteer fire fighter.
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    I graduated from the university of Houston as an Engineer. Where I went on to work for years and currently still work in engineering. Currently working as an Engineer to help fund my current company in its first year of operating. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their journey. I always strive to help in one way or another and be the person I needed when I was younger. I hope to be able to change at least a few peoples life for the better through out my journey of life.

    Some items on my list of dreams is to be able to build my parents a house behind mine to be able to watch and take care of them. I would also like to retire by the age of 40-45 in order to be a volunteer firefighter.
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    Business Owner
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    playing with my son, fishing, camping, sports, talking to family and learning how to better and grow a business, learning to better myself,
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    We always recommend what is best for the customer even if it doesn't involve us making a sale.
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    United States
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    Gray Horse Paving
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    university of Houston
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    Are you looking for some type of concrete services?
    Are you looking to fix the concrete around your house?
    Are you looking to get concrete trade bids for an upcoming project?
    Are you looking for quality or cheap work?
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    Owner of Gray Horse Paving