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    CapStar Bank
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    The excitement of Nashville's growth from an economical and population standpoint has inspired me to be heavily involved in our business community. Forming strong relationships with new or mid-life cycle businesses is a great way to be part of the growth and learn more about our great city. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and getting to know their story!
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    Originally from New York City area, my wife and I moved to Nashville in 2006 and currently live in Nolensville(15 years.) We have 2 daughters(Calley, 16 and Fiona, 10) and love to catch live music, watch hockey, and travel.

    I have been in banking for 5 years. Prior to that, I had worked in the music industry for 16 years.
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    Commercial Banking
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    Portfolio Manager
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    Music, hockey, hiking, traveling
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    CapStar Bank offers Insured Cash Sweep that provide deposit insurance for clients with balances over $250,000. Funds over this target amount are placed with different banks within the Intra-Fi network and consolidated into one account/statement with us and can gain interest. This type of account works for money markets or operating accounts for businesses. For operating accounts, funds can sweep in and out of account each day for liquidity purposes.
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    Hofstra University
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    Are you happy with your current banking relationship?
    Are you looking for a bank that can provide flexible options for either lending or deposit needs?
    Are you looking for a partner in helping you grow your business?