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    Effortless Excellence Content
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    There is nothing I love better than an effective collaboration--I serve in MY zone of genius (Writing, coaching, leadership, marketing strategy), so that YOU can serve more robustly in YOUR genius zone.
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    I live in Crystal, MN. One child still in the nest (Declan, age 12), and one out of the nest. (Bailey, age 21.) When I'm not writing, I'm usually on the dance floor (West Coast Swing is my fave) or the ski hill or trails. A 3-mile walk every day keeps me in a healthy body, mindset, and heart.

    After joyfully playing and leading in the fitness, yoga, and movement industries for 25 years, I sold my yoga studio in 2019, and my content and marketing business found ME. I've always been in this line of work no matter what job I've had. Now it's what I do INTENTIONALLY---and it almost never feels like work.
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    Marketing, copywriting, strategy, leadership.
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    Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
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    See above---and then come DANCE, SKI, or WALK with me!
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    Marketing ALWAYS means an investment. When you're ready to stop investing your TIME doing it yourself, invest your MONEY wisely with me--so that YOU can attract clients, scale, or rebrand while you do what you yearn to do most. (And it's likely NOT marketing!)
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    United States
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    1. What business support would give you the MOST relief right now, even if you think it's out of reach?
    2. How will you know when you're ready to invest in that support?
    3. What is your next right step?
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    Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Right-Sized Growth and Sustainability