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    US Capital Lenders
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    Our passion is helping other business owners to become more successful. Many times, access to capital can be an obstacle to growth. Sometimes, just a slight change in thinking can move you forward. We want to hear your story and find ways to help.
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    Michael and Laura Pierce are remarkable individuals and professional franchise entrepreneurs specializing in empowering and supporting others to do the work they want to do to live the life they want to live. Leveraging the wisdom of their individual and joint expertise in the franchising industry, Michael and Laura use their business ownership experience to inform and satisfy their desire to help others achieve their business ownership goals
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    Golf, History, Travel
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    We say YES. when the bank says NO.
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    San Antonio
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    Any business that may have an issue getting approved by a bank for a business loan.
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    United States
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    George Mason University
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    How long have you been in business?
    What is your credit score?
    Do you have any bankruptcies?
    How much money do you need?
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    Hello, I am Mike Pierce with US Capital Lenders.

    We provide Commercial Lending for Business Owners who have credit issues. Everything from $50k to $2mm in Business Loans to $50mm in Commercial Real Estate Loans.

    Our motto is: We say Yes when the Bank says No! We fund 80% of the loans traditional banks turn down.

    With over 57 different loan types. Our specialty is funding Business Owners who have some sort of credit issue, such as low credit scores, bankruptcy, tax liens or short sales and foreclosures.