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    The POSITIVE Consultant
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    I think that each person is born with greatness inside them. Somewhere along the way, many people lose that positive spark of greatness. I believe it is my God given purpose to help people live a positive, powerful life and to rediscover, or perhaps for the first time, discover the greatness within. My mission is to positively impact the world, one individual at a time.
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    I believe in the infinite power of positive. Positive mindset mastery has propelled me to action to achieve the dreams that many people scoffed at. I am an international speaker, leadership development consultant, award winning author, and executive coach. I thrive on helping people to live a positive, powerful life. I have two beautiful grown daughters who are my greatest joy. I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my two pups and I'm happiest when I'm making a difference in others' lives. I love to travel globally, love to sail, love to eat really good food and enjoy nothing better than a good belly laugh with friends. I believe in the infinite power of positive.
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    Keynote speaker, author, leadership and business development consultant, executive coach, produce retreats and day conferencesCE
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    CEO (that's Chief Edutainment Officer!) The Positive Consultant
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    travel, sailing, hiking, small town exploring, photography, volunteerism
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    Whatever challenge you or your organization may be facing; The POSITIVE Approach can take any situation from breakdown to breakthrough in 8 simple steps. Every engagement I enter into is a customized integration of this proposition to fit (or sometimes to build) an organization's culture, or to bring a coaching client into a positive, powerful leadership position.
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    Liberty Hill,
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    Leaders and management of organizations, HR and C Suite Decision makers, Association conference event decision makers, executives ready to level up,
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    30 minute discovery session for executive coaching, referral % for businesses who engage
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