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    Boutique Bleu
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    I love fashion and I love interacting with other women from my community. More often than not, when a woman comes into the boutique to shop, we chat. Often those chats turn into lengthy conversations and the next thing I know we are meeting for coffee. The boutique is a great place to for me to meet new friends and stay connected. Plus, I love clothes and accessories and love sharing those clothes in a beautiful space with other women.
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    I am Amy Driscoll, I was born and raised in Spokane, but moved to Friday Harbor WA. in the San Juan Islands for 2 1/2 years and graduated from High School there. Became a mom at 21. I've been married to my husband Kevin for 23 years this July and now have 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful stepson.
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    Small Business Owner
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    Travel (whenever I can get away)
    Working on my 110 year old home
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    When customers tell me they were wearing something from my shop and their friends kept asking them where they got it. Or when someone tells me they saw something on someone and had to ask "Where did you get that dress".
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    United States
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