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    ABIP, CPAs & Advisors
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    Client focused and relationship driven. I enjoy focusing on the Advisory piece of my profession and really helping clients with financial planning and strategies to help grow their business. Anyone could go to an H&R block to get their tax return prepared if they wanted to, but the real question is whether they are actually getting the best advice. I don't want to talk to my clients on April 15th of every year - I try to keep that communication open all year round in order to best plan for financial situations ahead of time.
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    I'm a Houston native and love this city. have 12+ years of experience in tax, 9 of those years being with ABIP. I have two young children, so outside of work most of my time is spent running around them.
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    Senior Manager
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    travel, food, reading
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    Client focused and relationship driven.
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    University of Houston
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    What do you like best about your current CPA?
    What do your financial needs look like for the next 5 years and do you feel you're on the right path for that?
    Are you aware ABIP Advisors offers Cybersecurity & Technology Services including Penetration Testing, Remediation Services, Privacy Assessments, Fractional CISO Services and SOC Readiness,1,2,3 Audits, amongst other offerings.