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    Salter Law LLC
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    David enjoys hearing people's life stories and helping them in a productive manner that prevents future conflicts and maintains family harmony. He sees himself as an estate planning guide throughout his clients' lives and enjoys pointing them to additional outside resources and professionals so they can fully navigate significant life events.
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    David P. Salter is the owner and attorney of Salter Law LLC, an estate planning firm located in Roseville MN. His practice areas include: 1) estate planning, 2) long-term care pre-planning, and 3) estate administration to support the family after their loved one dies.

    David's thirty years of knowledge in estate planning strategies is what differentiates him and his firm - he is well versed in what does and doesn't work at various turning points along life's journey.

    David's personable, comprehensive, and reliable approach guides you through which estate planning vehicle and route is best for you based on your life path. He will navigate you past common planning obstacles to ensure your estate plan works as you intended and meets its goal – a safe and smooth passage of your assets onto your loved ones.
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    Estate Planning and Estate Administration
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    Estate Planning Attorney
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    Cooking, Reading, Boundary Waters, Music
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    Prepare for the journey ahead with Salter Law LLC. Let our expertise be your guide.

    At Salter Law LLC, our mission is simple - we offer personalized, comprehensive estate planning guidance throughout life’s journey to protect you, your loved ones, and your assets at every stage of life - whether you are just starting out, establishing your career and family, or heading into retirement and beyond. At the end of the road, we ensure your assets have a safe and smooth passage onto your loved ones.

    Our lob pine logo speaks to our “navigational guide” approach. During the fur trade, Minnesota Voyageurs and indigenous tribes lobbed the branches off of pine trees about 1/3 from the top to mark significant or dangerous points along the rivers; making those areas easy to navigate along the riverways.

    Like those lob pines, our firm guides you through those significant transitions in your life journey, and navigates you past common planning obstacles, and points you to additional resources along the way - the result is an estate plan that works no matter what lies ahead.
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    United States
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    Referral partners or their referrals receive a 10% discount on their estate planning or estate administration
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    Hamline University, St. Paul, MN
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    - Do you have an estate plan or an estate planning attorney?
    - Have you thought about how you want to pass down your legacy?
    - [When there are significant changes to assets, marital status, family members, or health] Have you discussed these life changes with your estate planning attorney? These typically indicate a life event that impacts an individual's finances, family, which in turn, may impact life goals and estate planning needs. We advise you to discuss those types of changes with your estate planning attorney for further advice on how best to manage this life event in tandem with their other allied professionals (doctors, insurance agents, financial advisors and institutions, realtors, etc.)
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    David Salter, owner and attorney at his Roseville firm, Salter Law LLC, has practiced solely for 30 years in estate planning and estate administration. He is well-versed in what does and doesn't work when it comes to estate planning strategies.

    - His fees are typically fixed and reasonable and, when necessary, include assistance with funding (the retitling of assets).
    - He offers a complimentary Initial consult where he provides a personalized recommendation on your estate planning needs based on your circumstances.
    - He can meet in-person or, for those with mobility concerns, can meet virtually or at their residence.
    - His firm is friendly and convenient and has a relaxed atmosphere.