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    Compass Real Estate
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  • What is your "why"? Why do you do what you do?'s the journey and not the destination. I am not trying to sound cliche here, but instead profess my mindset that happiness can be found every day in how we work, live, and play. I love to help others achieve their goals, and one of those areas is helping homeowners and investors achieve their real estate goals while enjoying every step of the journey.
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    Born and raised in San Antonio, and I've spent 47 of my 50 years in Texas. Business owner, ranch owner, dog lover, and in love with an amazing Austinite!

    Top 1% of Austin Realtors - To me, real estate practice is about connecting with and educating clients while offering sound advice. My approach is service-oriented and business-minded, and I excel at communicating & teaching the ins and outs of each step while guiding clients to make informed decisions at every turn.
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    Residential Real Estate - Owner Occupied and Investors
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    Hunting, fishing, soaking up the outdoors, and enjoying every minute I spend with my friends, family, and clients.
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    Communication begins with listening twice as much as you speak - two ears and one mouth ratio. Learning about my client's goals and why those are their goals helps me to guide them through the journey of achieving them in real estate.
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    United States
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    Texas A&M University
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