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    Led Well Realty
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    (832) 402-8679
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    To inspire myself and others to be successful so that we can live a purposeful life surrounded by love, connection, and freedom.
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    Hi there! I’m Ginny Ledwel, broker and owner of Led Well Realty. I believe that home is where life starts and LOVE begins. Homeownership is the cornerstone of building wealth and community, and I love helping people achieve this accomplishment.
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    Real Estate
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    Owner, Broker, Team Leader, & Realtor
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    Reading, Gardening, Dancing, Singing, Leadership
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    While we have plenty of awards, accolades, and a list of accomplishments that are the result of years of hard work, constant education, “boots on the ground” experience, a competitive spirit, boundless energy, and a phenomenal team that loves what we do, our clients love us simply because we give 100% and we take excellent care of them. We are excellent at navigating all of the aspects of the process, from the emotional to the economical and transactional. In practice, we know how to, often simultaneously, cooperatively calm the "ruffled feathers" of all sides of the transaction, as well as dry the real and proverbial tears of the emotionally exhausted- adult and child alike.
    From the home built at the turn of the century to the new construction home, we are adept in identifying major and minor issues of all types. We also are knowledgeable about the costs of repairs and updates and have a roll call of contractors who are vetted and answer our calls.
    We know the current Houston market like the back of our hands, stay on top of all economic trends and stats, and know how to win contracts due to a cooperative spirit mixed with just a bit of sass. Additionally, we make it our job to stay connected to the best of the best. If and when we don’t know an answer, we know exactly who to call and get an answer rapidly.
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    United States
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    Texas A&M University
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    Sam Houston State -MEd in Educational Administration - Graduated 2005 , Texas A&M - BA in English/Spanish - Minor in Linguistics - Graduated 2011
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    What services are needed? What is their timeline for buying/selling? What is their address?
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