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    Dee Zunker Photography
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    Making an impact at whatever I do is the theme of my life story. I have an overwhelming since of purpose to share my talents with others. Commercial, architectural, and headshot photography allow me to create compelling interesting imagery to help others make an impact in their business. I am fulfilled knowing I helped make that happen.
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    Creative Nerdy Extrovert
    Chemical Eng Degree from Texas A&M | MBA Finance from University of Houston
    Played Varsity Golf at Texas A&M
    25+yrs in Oil & Gas with Mobil Oil, ARCO Chemical, Air Liquide, Praxair, Enterprise Products
    Full time photographer since 2017 focusing on Architecture, Interiors, Headshots
    Just opened a Photography Rental Studio Dec 2022 - Great for meetings too
    Married over 30 yrs, 3 kids (22, 18, 16), 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs
    Grew up in Amarillo Texas
    Awesome parents and sister
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    Commercial Photographer
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    Creating and figuring out new things
    Following my son's Olympic Weightlifting career - 2023 1st in State, 3rd in University Nationals
    Teasing my kids
    Golf only sometimes
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    3 areas of business
    1. Architect or Builder looking to showcase their work.
    2. Company needing individual headshots and/or group photos.
    3. Someone needing a centrally located meeting place for up to 50 people.
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    United States
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    Headshots - No Session Fee - You just pay for the images
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    Texas A&M University | University of Houston
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    1989 | 1999