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    Stretch Lab
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    I got into assisted stretching many years ago and have greatly benefitted from increased flexibility and athletic performance. Kirkland is such an active community I realized this was the perfect place to share the benefits of assisted stretching.
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    I grew up as an Air Force brat and spent most of my growing up and college years in Europe. I love all sports but especially soccer and golf and lover to be active
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    Self-Employed, but used to be a finance guy
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    soccer, golf, skiing, running and spending time at home with my family
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    Our employees are accredited flexologists which means they go through a rigorous 60 hour training program to ensure the highest level of skill when it comes to improving a clients flexibility
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    someone who is looking to improve their flexibility, athletic performance and quality of life
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    United States
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    $39 intro 50 minute stretch
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    BBA Unversity of New Mexico and MBA University of Texas - San Antonio
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