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    Plaid Suitcase Travel
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    it is said that travel broadens a person’s perspective and opens the mind. I love providing a service for clients that allows them to explore and takes away the anxiety that can occur when planning a vacation.
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    I love new experiences, traveling and food and people. I have lived on both coasts of the US and currently reside in Kirkland. Since moving back to WA and the pandemic, I have shifted from non-profit work to planing fabulous vacations for others while sneaking in a few for myself and family.
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    Travel agent
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    traveling, cooking, reading, photography, and walking my dogs
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    United States
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    Virginia Tech
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    Have you been travelling since the pandemic? Is that something that you plan to do soon? Have you ever considered using the free services of a travel agent?
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    This is Kim. She loves putting together customized trips for people.