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    Dr. Bill Vaughn Consulting
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    512 998-4150
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    512 998-4150
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    I am passionate about improving the overall business environment. I have worked in many fields with managers who did not understand or have the ability to create a more positive work environment. I have developed my leadership program with the guidance of my mentor. I found his leadership style to engage employees, increase productivity, profits and better customer service aligned with my desire to make the workplace more enjoyable.
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    I have worked in many fields always looking for a fit for me. I graduated in 2003 with my B.S. in Business Administration degree from C.S.U.N. I worked went back into the construction field doing large housing projects and the State and Federal projects. On September 26th, 2001 I signed up for the U.S.N.R as a Seabee. I went to Iraq in February 2003 where we built bridges, ran convoys into Iraq and repaired roads. I went back to college in 2011 for my Masters degree in Leadership and Management from the University of LaVerne. I entered my Doctoral program in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University. I graduated from Pepperdine in 2019.
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    Business leadership Consulting
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    Restoring cars, riding my motorcycle, tennis and travelling to Thailand.
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    I create more productive workplace using Echolalia, Query and developing managers to focus on processes. These create a more productive workplace, employees need less managing, managers can focus on the business needs, margins increase and the overall workplace environment is more enjoyable.
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    Managers or individuals who want to become exceptional with their leadership. Small to medium sized businesses that are willing to apply processes that engage their employees. These processes are designed to increase employee productivity and increase business margins.
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    United States
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    If a member has employee issues, customer issues I will be happy to help guide them to create beneficial solutions for all concerned parties.
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    Pepperdine University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you wanting to manage less while increase employee productivity?
    Are you managing your processes or people?
    Are you willing to develop your leadership language?
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    Dr Bill Vaughn helps managers develop their leadership language to create a more productive and profitable work environment. Are you managing employees or processes? If you ask your employees what their Return on Salary Investment is, would they be able to explain their daily, weekly and monthly productivity to ensure they meet this investment? Would they know what the net profit is on your product and services are?