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    Mikayla Wolfe Nutrition
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    My passion for helping people through the lens of nutrition and functional medicine stems from a long-standing family history of cancer and disease. My father passed away from brain cancer when I was very young, and since then I’ve experienced the death and sickness of many other loved ones. 

    After taking a deep dive into nutrition, I learned that food is medicine and that the body is meant to be treated synergistically, not as individual parts. 

    For these reasons, I have grounded myself in the field of clinical nutrition and functional medicine - to bring you the data and personalized care you need to live your most vibrant and fulfilling life. 
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    I’m a Clinical Nutritionist & Certified Nutrition Specialist who takes a functional approach to educate and empower woman and busy professionals to achieve optimal health, longevity, and vitality.
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    Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Preventative Care
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    Certified Nutrition Specialist
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    Scuba diving, cooking, hosting, volleyball, pickle ball, anything outdoors
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    My ideal referral is someone who is looking to address the root cause of their health issues, live a healthier more vibrant life, and someone who is ready to make the lifestyle, nutrition, and behavior changes necessary to promote health for the long-term (there's no quick fixes here!). My target audience is one of two categories: 1) any woman in her reproductive years struggling with PMS, hormone imbalance, mood swings, etc. OR 2) anyone looking to identify and address the root cause of their health conundrums including insomnia, low energy or mood, digestive difficulties, getting off prescription medication, cravings, brain fog, etc.
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    United States
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    Colorado State University, University of Western States
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    2017, 2021