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(Garage Doors / Sales / Service / Installation) David Lueck

(Garage Doors / Sales / Service / Installation) David Lueck

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    Alliance Garage Doors
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    I found out 2 things about myself along the line...I do not like to be cooped up in an office...and I do not like working for someone else. I DO like identifying and solving whatever problem a customer may have and making friends with them along the way. My business enables me the outlet to improve upon my business and personal skills daily.
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    Native Houstonian with 31 years in the garage door business.
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    Contractor, Residential and Commercial Garage Doors
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    Owner, Sole Proprietor
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    Golf, Music, Woodworking, Spending time with family and friends, Board Games, Video Games, Stamp Collecting,
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    1. Commercial businesses with multiple garage doors
    2. High End customers looking for upscale doors and quality over price.
    3. Property management companies, or anyone with multiple residential houses
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    United States
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