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    The Parodi Group
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    My "why'' is my ability to surpass my understanding and staying true to my believes. There is a bigger mission than my understanding and that I'm able to reach by my self. The greater power comes from trusting my faith, hard work, consistency and commitment.
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    Amalia is a Real Estate & Business Development Advisor with The Parodi Group Powered by Realty Associates. She is the owner of Diamond Lux Private Lending, Stamp Builders and Co-Owner of the Parodi Group & Inca Roca Group. She mentors a Team of License Agents specializing in real estate investments. Amalia has an Empire MindSet for Success and has a great history of Entrepreneurship.

    Real Estate Investments are Amalia’s specialty with 10 years of experience. After successfully owning and operating her own remodeling business, Amalia decided to further her expertise by becoming a licensed real estate agent. She has a passion for helping and preparing Investors to become successful Business Owners. Amalia’s love and curiosity for learning the Foods and Cultures of diverse nationalities has allowed her to build and market to a vast multicultural network within many Associations and industries.

    After perfecting her real estate investment system, Amalia
    Mentors Investors with a simple system 12x12REI, to build a business plan that has been a wonderful success, that also helps the Houston Housing Market by providing inventory of qualified homes for buyers. She duplicated herself by mentoring new agents with her system and vision, and this has helped them achieve their goals much faster. Franchising her business is her next step, and she is currently looking for information in this matter..

    Real estate has given Amalia an Amazing way to be creative, unstoppable, & driven to success. Her ultimate goal is to add value to her circle of influence, network and of course her family.

    She is also continuing to develop her Leadership skills. She served as President of Great Northwest Network for Two Years Straight and now serves Women’s Council Texas as District Vice President for Region 4, Austin, Brazos Valley and Hill Country. Her story does not stop here so stay tuned!!
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    Real Estate Investments
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    Business Development Advisor
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    Traveling, (Beach and Nature) Biking, Food Lover, authentic restaurant experience, Learning Golfer, Community Outreach, Videos of Self Development, Reading, Shoe Lover. Networking 200%.
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    Real Estate Investors
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    United States
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    The Parodi Group | Real Estate Investments | Powered by Realty Associates(281) 645-9227
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    Champions Real Estate School
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you looking to develop a business that doesn't take much of your time that can generate long term wealth?
    Is your retirement plan going to support your live style when you retire?
    Is your retirement plan the only plan you have?
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    Amalia is a well know and experience Real Estate Agent, her expertise and main focus is Real Estate Investments, from residential to commercial. She is well connected in the industry and she manages to leverage all her expertise and network to build others to success in the business of numbers. She has a great attitude about life and every soul she can touch, she has learned to develop a relationship with me rather than a transaction. She does value your believes and respects them. This are some of the reason why I though of her and I know you will be in great hands.