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(Professional learning, coaching and mentoring  ) Reynaldo  Brito

(Professional learning, coaching and mentoring ) Reynaldo Brito

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    I do this because I want to get our veteran community to really know their worth, and realize it immediately when they begin their transition out of the military. This is a concept that that I did not know or cared to carry into my transition, and there are veterans who can benefit from the certification program that will serve them in ways never thought possible, I really want to share that knowledge!!
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    I am a motivated father of 3 boys, married to the same woman for over 23 years. A US Marine Corps Disabled Veteran that takes pride in getting better at making long lasting business relationships. My dedication is to be of service to my community by making impactful changes that will strengthen the veteran community in the world of business, not just sales but all industries.
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    Technical Project Management, Sales, Project Scheduling and Budgeting
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    Marksmanship, Coaching, Lacrosse, Anything with sports I love. Being a mentor to my kids is one of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten.
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    Any transitioning veteran, organizations that want to make their sales department or HR department the most proficient people within any company.
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    United States
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    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
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    Do you know your worth?
    Do you know how to sell yourself?
    Are you willing to move forward with a plan that can let you earn six figures?
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    Reynaldo Brito
    US Marine Corps Disabled Veteran