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(Sales Training / Performance Culture Consultant) James Chitwood

(Sales Training / Performance Culture Consultant) James Chitwood

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    A sales operation expert with a passion for creating environments where people thrive. Do that right, and we have a true performance culture.
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    Dr. J did not pursue a doctorate to become a consultant. Just like he didn’t join the Army infantry to become a career soldier. The Army was a place to serve his country and learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, diligent attention to detail, always thinking around the corners, and that at our core all people are equal. These lessons have served him well in organizational life.

    The doctorate in organizational leadership built upon many of the principles learned in the Army, solidifying Dr. J’s belief that it is the power of the team which dictates the outcome. Using these principles in over two decades of professional life showed the performance team, the team that strives for perfection and a positive outcome will always outperform a department of individuals striving to out-compete one another. Dr. J’s own research as well as multiple empirical studies indicate the power of the team to drive performance. This truth of performance was first identified in the early studies of scientific management on the production floor or a factory and again on the sales floor during Dr. J’s research. He loves the saying, cliche as it may be, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

    Dr. J has taught bachelor, master, and doctoral courses in:

    Strategic Change Management
    Coaching & Supervising Employees
    Organizational Leadership
    Organizational Communication
    Organizational Behavior
    Change Management

    He has over 20 years of extensive experience starting organizations and departments as well as turnaround operations. Dr. J likes to say he has the DNA of a salesperson and the mind of an operations expert. With decades of executive leadership experience, he is able to see the linkage between technological system efficiency and human behavioral efficacy. He believes at his core that systems and processes can be put in place that will create a performance culture. He is now ready to share this expertise and help your company to thrive.
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    Sales Operation Consultant
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    Expert Consultant
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    A balanced life
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    An organization with a high turnover rate and lackluster performance.
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    United States
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    Doctorate in Organizational Leadership
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    How does your recognition strategy advance beyond a compensation plan?
    What is your internal communication strategy?
    What is the true cost of your annual turnover?
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    Dr. J will use the lessons from scientific management, extensive performance leadership experience, and a doctorate in organizational leadership, to analyze the linkages between your organization’s accountability metrics, recognition systems, communication processes, and training programs to define optimal adjustments necessary to create a performance culture.