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    Sari Kimbell Coaching
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    (970) 988-3259
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    (970) 6824221
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    I am a Reinvention Coach. I went through a big reinvention when I was 39/40 - divorce, laid off, started a business and lost 60lbs - and I want to help others uncover a life that feels more in alignment and going after their potential. I want to relieve the suffering so many people feel because of perfectionism and self-criticism for not doing it all perfectly.
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    I am a Reinvention Coach. I am also a certified life coach and a business coach. I live in downtown Denver and am originally from Fort Collins. I have also lived in San Francisco, Paris and Los Angeles. I have had multiple careers including a concierge, costume designer for film, a junior high school teacher, a marketing director and now an entrepreneur.
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    founder & CEO
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    cooking, podcasts, reading, movies, wine, personal development
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    United States
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