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    The Human Chase
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    I coach clients on career strategies. With a deep background in corporate life and human resources and know a lot about how businesses are run. I'm an entrepreneur too and have owned 2 businesses - and another one is in development - it may entail professional image consulting and recruitment.
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    I was born in Seattle, lived in Wisconsin as a girl and moved to Houston, where I married, moved to San Antonio and then to Santa Clara, California, where we lived and worked for nearly 20 years. I'm back in Houston now - and LOVE it! It's culinary and arts mecca. My clients are local, regional and global - from India, South America (Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina. Brazil, Colombia and more) France, England, Scotland, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, Canada, China, Russia and the Ukraine. I understand accents and vocabularies due to lots of French and Spanish classes, a billion masses in Latin, and from the west coast melting pot of people. I work with ex-pats and accompanying partners who are learning to acclimate themselves to Houston and Texas.
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    Career Strategist
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    I love to read and garden. I'm trying to get my piano chops back. Just started painting with alcohol inks.
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    I can help you showcase your best talents. We'll create a marketing plan and target companies that NEED your talent.
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    Well, I've worked with people from age 17 to 77 - so far!
    People who have lived around the world, speak more than one language, have 1 degree or a Masters or a PhD or who are scientists and engineers of all types, techies, executive leaders, CPA's, finance types...I've hired all of these types so I understand the work they do. And, I used to manage by walking around (MBWA) which kept communications lines open.
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    United States
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    First referral will receive $100 off one hour of coaching or $200 off any package purchased. First 15 minutes of discovery meetings are free.
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    University of Texas, Bachelor of Journalism. Studied Psychology
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    Are you considering career options?
    Do you need a resume and LinkedIn update that shows your style and expertise in measurable ways?
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