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    BEMER Group
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    The Bemer changed the trajectory of my life. In 2017 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that caused me discomfort, brain fog and exhaustion. Within 3 days of using I had so much energy that I "needed to run"! This device gave me back my life. Fast forward 5 years and I am healthier and more energized than ever. I love sharing this with others as optimized Blood Flow helps a body function at its best. Every time I put someone on the BEMER I know I am helping every cell of their body. THAT is amazing and what I love about sharing this device. Helping others live their best lives.
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    I have always loved the sciences! Graduating from college with a BS in Chemistry & Biology launched me on a path where I Throughout my utilized my technical skills researching Alzheimer's, working as an Organic Chemist, Biologist for the Forest Service to Director of Quality in manufacturing. I fell in love with having my own business and sales while raising my two sons. After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease I made large lifestyle changes revolving around my health. After a few years of sharing the BEMER with my friends "just because I was enthralled by it" I decided to make it my sole focus.
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    Medical Sales
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    Group Leader
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    Hiking, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, Alpine skiing, kayaking...pretty much any silent sport in any season! I also enjoy gardening and reading.
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    Inver Grove Heights
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    United States
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    Complimentary 3 day trial.
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    University of Puget Sound
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    Have you heard of BEMER?
    Are you interested in learning about a Class 2 FDA Cleared medical device from Europe that optimizes what your body does through reactivating your bloodflow at the microcirculation level?
    Are you interested to learn how you can improve your Oxygen in your cells, your immune system, your muscle recovery, your sleep, your lymphatic flow and decrease anxiety and stress?
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    This is Kristine Zellmer, she is passionate about sharing BEMER! She wlll share her knowledge of the product and how it impacts the body and answer questions as to how it could impact you.