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    Everybody Healing Center LLC
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    I grew up in chronic pain and experienced many doctors and professionals telling me my pain wasn't real or simply not providing me with sustainable solutions. Pain medications couldn't fix the root of my problem and the other solutions, from physical therapy to surgery, didn't work. Acupuncture was the first time I had ever experienced pain relief and I haven't had pain since. This is why I specialize in complex chronic conditions and fertility. These are the conditions that fall through the cracks of the Western medical system. Often I am the last resort for my patients... with the best results!
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    I grew up in San Francisco and a little bit in Chanhassen, MN. My only child is a 14 year old boy named Gus who is my favorite person on the earth. I love life a lot so I'm usually doing something really fun.
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    Doctor of Chinese Medicine
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    I like to stay busy and keep my mind occupied so I'm usually camping, biking, running, swimming, writing, playing music, crafting, building stuff, playing with our dogs, cat and chickens, woodworking, watching movies, or reading.
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    Golden Valley
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    Someone who has lost hope that their condition will ever get better. This is where I shine.
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    United States
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    Northwestern Health Sciences University
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    Do you know anyone who has been trying to have a baby and have been unsuccessful? Does anyone you know have an "incurable" disease that have been told they have to live with for the rest of their lives? Are there any people you know who have a difficult time with sensation in their hands or feet?
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    Dr Christopher Johnson is a doctor of Chinese Medicine and an acupuncturist who owns an operates Everybody Healing Center in Golden Valley, MN. He specializes in treating complex chronic conditions and fertility issues. His passion for his work is informed by his life experience, willingness to learn, compassion, and integrity. It's his opinion that people aren't meant to be unable to have a child, and no one should have to age in pain or discomfort. He may be your last resort, but he'll get you the best results. Start living your life again!