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    I do this because small business is the backbone of America. I wake up every day to help others. Being able to help business owners grow online makes me feel like I have a purpose in my community. Taking a business from no man's land on google to the first page is no easy feat, and I do that every day! I love a challenge, I love being creative and I love meeting new people.
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    I grew up in Chicago in a large Italian family. Therefore, I am no stranger to difficult conversations, overcoming differences and meshing strong personalities. I've always known I would leave the midwest but had no idea where I'd land. I earned a degree in Geology from IU. I chose geology in hopes of finding a career where I would not be bound to a desk and would be able to positively impact my community. Recently, my husband joined the military and moved us across the country. Lucky for me, we landed in a state where we live amongst nature rather than on top of it. Being in a new state is equally thrilling and nerve-racking. I am excited to build new connections as I see this move as a fresh start.
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    digital marketing
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    digital account executive
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    hiking, rock collecting, archery, billiards, yoga
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    any business you would look up on google
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    United States
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    Indiana University
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    Is your business in growth mode?
    Do you see value in advertising you business?
    Is there a lot of local competition in your business vertical?