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    Northwestern Mutual
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    I have a heart to serve. My goal is to come alongside people and give them peace of mind through a financial plan. Often we give our all to the people, businesses, or other work in our lives to the point of having nothing left for ourselves. I have been there and the last thing I wanted to think about was my finances. I desired to become a financial advisor so I could be a knowledgeable, trusted advisor who could guide people through their finances so they could continue to put their energy into their priorities, but now have financial peace of mind about the future.
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    My wife Amanda and I have three young children. We live in Elk River and love living on our family farm where we have space to explore, build forts, and play with our kids and dogs.
    As a former 5th grade teacher, I love to build relationships and explain difficult concepts in concrete ways. While I take my role seriously and am passionate about the work I do, I am also known as the "funny" guy who likes to laugh and play.
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    Financial Advisor
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    Exploring the Outdoors
    Beef Jerky
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    My perfect referral cares deeply about someone else. I desire to serve those who serve others, and I intentionally seek out people who care. They are also humbly open to new ideas and curious about learning more.

    While I enjoy working with anyone with a good heart, I particularly love working with:
    - Young families
    - Families who have a child with special needs
    - Business Owners
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    United States
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