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    Texas Family Chiropractic
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    To examine and take care of as many people in Pflugerville/North Austin as possible, teaching chiropractic and a healthy lifestyle.
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    Years In Business 22. Previous Types of Jobs, Nutrition Sales, Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder/Coach, Security Guard, Spouse Joetta, Children McKenzie, Kamryn, and Bentlee. Pets one Great Dane, My Key to Success surrounding myself with talented and gifted people.
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    Doctor of Chiropractic
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    Hobbies & Interests Training in the gym, Endurance road racing, scuba diving, the Caribbean, kids sports, Pflugerville community. Pflugerville.23 Years in the city. My Burning Desire is To be a part time Chiropractor and a full time race car driver. Something No One Here Knows About Me My mother thought I would make my living playing the drums.
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    Married Mother of three who is 25-55 yo living in North Travis County, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto.
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    United States
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    Consultation, Exam, and X-rays $50 instead of $165.
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    Life University
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    If they have a health problem. If a chiropractor could help you with that, would you be interested?
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    Dr. Derrick is a specialist is nutrition, exercise, and the analysis and correction of health issues coming from the spine and nervous system.