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    Dr Leah Novak
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    I want to help people find the cause to why they feel sick in order improve their health so they thrive & live the life that they choose. After working years in Urgent Care and Family Medicine, I realized there is more to health & wellness than what the traditional medical system offers. In private practice, I can spend time with patients, personalize treatment plans and order extensive lab options to uncover causes of illnesses which may have previously been ignored.
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    I grew up in central Minnesota. I attended St. Ben's for undergrad, then moved to Philadelphia for grad school & med school. I completed my Family Medicine residency training in Duluth. I worked in Urgent Care in Baxter, MN before taking a job in Family Medicine in Coon Rapids. Now I live in Andover and started my own Functional Medicine private practice in Andover.
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    Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
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    I like to travel, spend time with family. I like to swim and want to become better at pickleball.
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    Someone who is motivated to improve their life and desires to experience a different approach to health/wellness. I want to help those who have not found answers to their health issues.
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    Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
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    1. What don't you want in your life?
    2. What do you want in your life?
    3. If something about your health/life could be different, what would it be?
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    Dr Leah