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    Prosperity Home Mortgage dba Edina Realty Mortgage
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    I have been in the mortgage industry just about 30 years and have been originating mortgage loans most of that time. Buying a home is typically the biggest purchase a person will make in their life and assisting someone through that process is enjoyable and gratifying. Whether it is a first time home buyer excited to purchase a home of their own, a move up buyer purchasing their dream home or even a buyer right sizing to a smaller home, it is fun to help them achieve their goal. I like to make what can be an intimidating process, as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
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    I grew up about 35 miles south of Chicago. After graduating from Northern Illinois University as a marketing major I moved to Florida for several years. Loved the weather but met my future husband and we decided to move to Minnesota "for a little while". Well, over 32 years later we are still here! Most of that time, Bloomington has been our home.
    I have two married step children and between them they have 5 children. Our grandchildren currently range in age from 5 to 12 and thankfully both families live in the Twin Cities so we can see them often. My husband and I have one son who is 27 years old and thankfully also lives in the metro area. He is not yet married so we will not be adding to the grandchildren count for awhile.
    While my son was younger and even through college most of our free time was spent going to sporting events. Mostly his interests were basketball, baseball and football. He enjoyed playing all three sports through most of high school and then played baseball in college and graduated from Bethel College. My husband and I traveled as much as we could to watch him play during those college years. So fun to watch those years of his dedication, practice and love of the game, allow him to compete at the college level. But now that he is done competing in sports we have time to spend with our grandchildren which we love to do.
    Our family has had a cabin in northern Minnesota for many years so we enjoy time in the summer going there. My husband's family actually has two cabins next to each other so the summer holidays are filled with many people and tons of fun.
    I used to be a runner but have retired my running shoes. I would run 3-5 miles, weather permitting, a few times a week until I got real serious about it. I ran my first marathon at 40 and ran 11 more over the next dozen years. Thankfully I did not have any injuries due to running but knew it was only a matter of time so I have now been a huge Peleton biking fan for the last three years. I try to ride 5 days a week. I am not blessed with "good genes", if that even is a thing, so I know working out has to be part of my schedule. Not just to feel confident about how I look but for all the physiological benefits of exercise to the body!! It was definitely harder when my son was young to fit working out into my routine. Many mornings started with a 4:45am run but that meant I was available to go to his afternoon or evening baseball games. For me it's always about choices.
    I have a group of girlfriends in the neighborhood that we try to get together at least once a month. We have been doing so for twenty plus years. We have seen each other through so much and I feel truly blessed to call them my friends.
    I have family in three states other than Minnesota so my husband and I try to visit them as much as possible. As our parents are getting older, those visits become more frequent. Thankfully quite a bit of my family are in FL so winter/spring trips there have been an annual ritual.
    Work has always been important to me but the career I have chosen has given me the flexibility to attend family events. Grandparent's Day at the kids school, again sporting events and even staying with a sick parent for three weeks while working remotely. Work / Life balance has always been most important.
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    Residential Mortgage Lending
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    Mortgage Consultant
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    Grandchildren, working out, visiting family, quiet time with my husband, unless we are watching the Vikings and then I am anything but quiet. I also enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends.
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    My perfect referral would be someone who wants to look at financing options for purchasing a home. Whether they are looking to buy soon or even in the next year. Also, current home owners who have equity in their home may want to look at using their equity to finance home improvements, consolidate debts, pay for college or perhaps use towards a second home or investment home purchase. I can help them look at options also.
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    United States
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    Northern Illinois University
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