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    Real Property Management Impact
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    John and I are owners of Real Property Management Impact serving - Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.
    We work with busy investors & property owners who use their properties to build generational wealth through passive rental income.
    We offer a full-service option to lease, manage, and maintain their properties. We take away the daily pain & headaches of tenant communication, collecting rent on time, solving emergency maintenance issues, and ever-changing legal regulations.
    We lighten their load by giving the investor peace of mind on their investment. If you know of anyone that wants to sit back and collect money in their bank account while we do the work. Please introduce us.
    I am looking for first time investors to help educate & be a strategic partner in building their real estate portfolios. OR
    Do-it-yourself landlords who historically underprice their rents. We happily provide a complimentary property analysis.
    We want to help. We will treat your home as if it were our own.
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    John and Sandee Cooper own Real Property Management Impact. John holds an MBA from NYU Stern Business School with a strong finance and investment background. He spent 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of industries from investment banking to telecom to biotech. The last 12 years were spent as an entrepreneur and small business owner.
    Sandee has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, sales, and product development working in a variety of industries such as retail, museum, and healthcare. In the last 12 years, she joined John in launching and running a successful small business.
    Together their combined expertise results in creative solutions focused on their customers: property owners, investors, and tenants. Our strength in financial analysis gives us an advantage over other property management companies. We are the trusted advisors to our clients. In running our small business, we are accustomed to a high level of responsibility and attention to detail.

    We are masters of “project management” through our own real estate investments and property remodels! We believe in giving back to the community by partnering with a charity to prevent homelessness. We are active in supporting the development of local businesses and services. In our free time – we love to explore the bike/hike/run trails around the Triangle, local food establishments, and local breweries!
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    Property Management
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    Staying active - hiking, running, and swimming. Healthy cooking. Love college sports - especially football. Travel and new experiences - we are always open to. We love renovating properties and making money on the outcome.
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    1. Intentional investors - loves the passive income but does not want to be involved in the daily details. They have a portfolio of properties and need someone to handle all seasonal upkeep/deferred maintenance on property. Provide value added reporting to help manage the ROI on property
    2. D.I.Y Landlords - usually underprice the rental rate, do not know the ever-changing NC real estate law, and can violate fair housing laws without knowing it. We often help the D.I.Y landlord get out of trouble. We perform up-to-date rental and market analysis to understand rent rates and market trends. We can help them stay out of trouble and maximize their investment,
    3. Homeowners in transition - newly engaged, newly married, divorced, widowed, retiring, inherited a property, etc. Any type of transition that involves a home and what to do with it. We love to educate owners on the strategy of buy and hold real estate. Treat your property as part of your financial strategy (i,e stock market).
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    United States
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    Free rental and market analysis on all investment properties. Complimentary wealth optimizer report to show the net benefits of their investment property over time from 1 yr to 30 yrs. What is the potential on this investment?
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    Western Michigan University / Fashion Institute of Technology
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    1. Are you happy with your current property manager on your investment property?
    2. Do they communicate with you on a regular basis?
    3. How do you manage the cost and quality of maintenance on the house?
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    Real Property Management Impact is a full-service property management company specializing in residential properties, smaller multifamily units under 20, and smaller commercial properties. We align ourselves with your financial goals and help you maximize your return on investment. Our clients like our attention to detail, communication style, and creative problem solving. Both owners and tenants ranked our level of customer experience at the highest industry ranking of #10 NPS (Net Promoter Score). We continue to show our clients the value of our professional property management team actively involved in the daily operations, giving our owners peace of mind. Please let us help you or your clients maximize their real estate portfolio.