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    Billionaire Thoughts
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    I believe that most people do the best that they can with the vision, inspiration, and education that they have. My purpose is to inspire, empower, and educate entrepreneurs and executives so that they can be the best and most productive versions of themselves.
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    Let’s cut to the chase - we help CEOs/Executives create greater business growth through our proven holistic process, accountability, and training.

    We help bring clarity to how CEOs and their executive teams lead and manage their organizations. If your client’s team is not aligned with consistent processes, communication, or interactions… Our tools will help set clear goals, roles, processes, alignment, and communication so you can become proactive and scale more rapidly! We bring your organization less stress and more efficiency.
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    Business Coaching and Consulting
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    Fitness, Martial Arts and basketball
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    We have a proven process that WORKS. After 25 years of leading the business coaching industry, we have simplified and clarified our concepts for CEOs and their executive teams. We are thrilled to bring this knowledge to mid-market and small businesses.
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    Small to mid-size business owners and their executive teams that are looking to grow and are open to outside help achieving their goals.
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    United States
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    Complimentary business growth strategy session
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Are you looking to grow or scale your business?
    2. If you were to take off for 3 months could your business continue to grow without your involvement?
    3. Are you open to outside expertise in growing your business?
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    Damon Wallace and his team at Billionaire Thoughts are award-winning coaches with first-hand experience growing successful organizations. His team uses proven methodologies to positively impact organizational growth and clarity around systems, people, sales, and finance. I highly recommend meeting with them and be prepared to take notes because they are always focused on adding value.