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    Real Estate is my passion. That is not a term I throw around lightly but I am one of the lucky few to have landed where my true interests lie. I find myself observing and wondering about buildings, land and businesses whereever I am. Helping buinesses find the ideal location for ultimate success is extremely rewarding and keeps me coming to work every day.
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    I am a commercial real estate broker and real estate developer. I help clients realize their business goals through mindfull placement and market knowldge built over many years in the buisness.
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    Commercial Real Estate Broker and Land Developer
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    I am an avid outdoors person and have yet to meet a sport I did not like to play. I have a dog, a cat and 3 chickens (all named Lady). All my developments have elements of environmentalism - from solar panels on the roof of a self storage building to a development oriented around a farm.
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    Chapel Hill
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    Any business person or employee looking for a new location for their buisness. I have broad experience in multiple asset types from office to industrial.
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    North Carolina
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    United States
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    Stanford University, MIT Sloan School of Management
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    BA - Economics 1997, MBA - Financial Engineering 2004