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    Kristy with The Agentcy by Tarek El Moussa at eXp Realty
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    (806) 437-9118
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    (806) 437-9118
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    Liking people and houses is only the tip of the iceberg! Everyone has a story, and each one fascinates me. It’s the people I meet, that I would otherwise not have known, and the life stories they share with me that I love, love, love the most about my job. New people, new properties, new obstacles to get past … no two days are ever the same. I’m my own brand, I love being free to be me.
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    There are many hats I wear in my life, one of my favorites is my Texas REALTOR® Business! I’m a ✨Residential specialist✨and my secret seasoning and the reason for my 5-star client reviews is dedication, communication, and transparency. I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me, and I strive every day to exceed their expectations and that ability to keep people and deals on track - calmly and professionally. It takes sharp intimate knowledge to be exceptional in my profession, so I make sure I listen, follow through and stay available anytime, anywhere. This is what I love to do! I know I provide that quality service to build relationships with clients and more importantly, I strive to maintain those relationships.


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    Residential Real Estate Specialist
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    Love to help Buyers & Sellers in the Real Estate Market
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    United States
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    Kristy with The Agentcy by Tarek El Moussa at eXp Realty