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    Signature Financial Advisors
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    I want to make my clients aware of why they have to protect their Income and Assets. Many people out there have a Financial Goal in Mind and how to attain it. What we fail to do is protect our most important asset: Ourselves. If we aren't able to work do to an accident/disability, our income suffers. If later in life we need Long Term care, what assets do we use to foot the bill?
    These are some of the questions that I ask my clients.
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    I've been in the Finance Industry since 2004. I started out in Personal Banking and worked my way to Business Banking followed by Commercial Lending. My biggest accomplishment was creating lifelong relationships with my clients and being able to provide them Best in Class service. I made a career pivot to Wealth Management, Insurance and Financial Planning. I wanted to be on the same side of the table as my clients and continue my career working for them as their trusted Financial Advisor.
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    Wealth Management & Advanced Planning
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    Financial Advisor
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    A prospective client that would like to discuss how to protect their assets & income so that they are able to meet their Financial Goals.
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    United States
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    Free Consultation
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    Colorado State University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    How will you earn income if you are not physically or mentally able to work?
    Do you have a Plan for your Long Term Care needs?
    If you were to pass away today, would your family's lifestyle change?