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    I am passionate about helping others. I was in education for 8 years before I joined Paychex and my goal has stayed the same--help others! I wake up in the mornings excited to help any business owner that I can talk to about how we can help them. I get so much joy in knowing that I have helped a client with the headache that is payroll, or helping someone retain their employees because we found a better way to get them benefits. My why is and will always be "to help others!"
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    I am a former music educator in the corporate world. I live in Midtown with my partner and three doggos. I am a professional musician and currently play with a mariachi group here in Houston. If I'm not exploring a new restaurant or coffee shop in town I am at home enjoying a good book or crocheting!
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    SMB Consultant
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    All things music! Bike riding, crochet, books, travel, and home d├ęcor!
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    Anyone who owns a business and is trying to streamline their payroll and tax filings. Also, any business owner that is looking for benefits, 401k, insurance, or HR support!
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    United States
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    First month free, waived set up fee, and 40% off any package!
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    Boston University
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    Do you currently outsource your payroll?
    Are you interested in price shopping your payroll and benefits?
    Do you currently have a CPA or bank that you work with?
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    Elvia is our payroll representative and she will be able to help you with all of your payroll, HR, benefits, and 401k needs! Give her a call or shoot her an email to set an appointment.