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    Merrill Lynch
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    After seeing financial hardships drive a wedge between my parents’ relationship, ultimately leading to divorce, I knew I wanted to help others manage the complexities of their financial lives. My goal is to give peace of mind to each and every one of the individuals, families, and businesses that I speak with regarding their investments, cash flow, and financial goals. That is why I became a Wealth Management advisor at Merrill Lynch to do just that.
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    My name is Matt Jewell. I was raised in Pearland, Texas, and graduated from University of Houston’s Bauer Honors’ business program in 2016 with a degree in Finance and Marketing. I’m now a Vice President at Merrill Lynch on a team of 33 professionals, where I serve my clients as a Wealth Management advisor and Certified Financial Planner. I look forward to connecting with you!
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    Vice President
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    Travel, Golf, Tennis, Social Gatherings, Sports, UH events, Mentoring Students, Financial Literacy
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    Individuals, Families, or Businesses looking for advice on how to manage financial decisions above $250k. Whether it’s an investment account, mortgage, business loan, selling their business, or planning for retirement and on, I can help.
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    United States
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    Complimentary Financial Analysis/Retirement Plan
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    University of Houston
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    Are you currently working with a Financial Advisor that is a Certified Financial Planner™? How would you benefit from a financial plan that could help reduce taxes, fees, and risk? Do you have any fears when it comes to reaching your financial goals?
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