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    Sesh Coworking
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    When I was working from home trying to get a new business off the ground, I felt alone, isolated and frustrated. When I visited local coworking spaces, I found them lacking in a culture that supported my experiences. I wanted a space and community that understood my needs and provided a safe and inspiring workspace for me to be my best self. I soon discovered this feeling is shared by many including women, communities of color and the LGBTQIA+ community. That is why we created Sesh - to be a safe, inspiring and inclusive workspace for all.
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    I am a native Houstonian with three young daughters (10 yo, 6 yo and 18 mo at the time of this writing). I graduated from Texas A&M in 2006 with a Bachelors in Middle School Math and Science. After teaching for 4 years, my husband and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and I went to the work in the Wine Marketing and Hospitality Industry. After having my first daughter, I decided to stay at home to pursue my dream of owning a business. My husband, daughters, two cats and I currently live in the Pearland area.
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    Company Owner
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    Chief Creative Officer
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    Knitting, Cooking/Baking, Sewing, Walking in the sunshine, Sober Living, Dancing with my daughters
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    3 Ideal Types:
    1.) A business owner who has been in business for 3+ years, who runs a small team of 2 - 20 in a creative field (i.e. design, marketing, PR, editorial or B2B services)
    2.) An employee who works remotely but receives a workspace stipend from their company
    3.) Any representative of a brand (local or national) who is interested in a monetary or in-kind partnership with Sesh
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    United States
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    6 months of All Access Coworking for $750 + tax (reg. $1374) - includes 24/7 Access, 12 hrs/mo Free Conference Room Bookings and Mailing Address
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    Texas A&M
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    Do you work from home? How do you like it?
    Is networking important to the success of your business?
    How many people are on your team?
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    Meredith is the Co-Founder and CCO of Sesh Coworking, Houston's only female-centered, BIPOC and LGBT-supportive coworking space. She's a rockstar at community growth and connections, challenging workplace norms and helping individuals see their own value.