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    Wind in Your Sails Coaching
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    I found the root cause to my stress, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment: I didn't have clarity on what I really wanted in life... and I had lost myself in busyness and doing what I "should." It changed my life when I found clarity, direction, and the right tools to live the life I was meant to - but it wasn't easy! Now, I help mid-career Corporate professionals (who are like I was!) figure out what they really want in their lives and live fulfilled.
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    Want to make a change but not sure what to do? Email me at

    I’m STACEY ABELLA, Change Agent, Clarity Coach, Author. I hold an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management (with honors, alumni board member) and a BA (Business, French, and German) from Wittenberg University. My multi-faceted career spans the spectrum from Innovation, Finance, and Human Resources, to Business Development. This includes working with Fortune 500 companies (ExxonMobil and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co) and Not-For-Profits (Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, and United Way). The culmination of my diverse career has led me to where I am today.

    I am a strong believer that ambiguity clouds your vision and is a major source of stress and worry – in both Career and Life. Everything I share – from Coaching to Consulting to my Travel Memoir (to be published March 2023) – are all about helping you Take the Helm, Find Your Compass, Navigate the Waters, and Catch the Wind.

    Clients say my approach has been “life-changing,” “immediately impactful,” and “transformed how [they] move through the world.” They recommend me to others because of my “smart, focused frameworks” which have given them tools to identify their “primary internal motivator,” “rise beyond the obstacles”, “identify priorities,” and “forge an entirely new path.”

    My coaching, training, and leadership experience highlights include:
    - As a Thunderbird alumnus, have mentored 100s of students
    - At ExxonMobil, designed and implemented global digital innovation strategy for 2000 employees; led recruiting program, resulting in 200+ new hires
    - In Nicaragua, created curriculum and trained 200+ Peace Corps volunteers and small business owners in Spanish
    - At Goodyear, coached and trained distributors/OEM’s, increasing $6M book-of-business by 30%

    Are you ready to set sail with intention and get the wind in your sails?
    Download my free Ebook:

    “My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” - Marcel Proust
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    Life & Career Coach
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    Clarity Coach & Travel Writer
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    Traveling, spending time with family, connecting with others & having conversations that change lives
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    Mid-career professional (35-55); feels stress/dissatisfied/anxious and wants to make a change in Career / Life but doesn't have a clear direction on what to do. Many of my clients are just turning 50 - a big turning point in life and a time when we tend to wonder, "What happened to the first decades of my life and what do I want to do with the next ones?"
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    United States
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    Free bonus strategy session to get going on the life you want:
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    Thunderbird School of Global Management
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    Are you in your mid-career and want to make a change in life / career?
    How committed are you to making a change in your life to get the life you really want / were meant for? (8 or more on scale of 1-10)
    Are you willing to do what it takes to make the change (invest time/money in yourself)?
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    Stacey is a Clarity Coach, who provides valuable solutions to help mid-career professionals make difficult transitions during major life changes.