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    The Follow Up Boss
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    I desire to help bring back the human side of business. Helping show how to “do sales” in a way that aligns with their people first values.
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    From a very young age I have been an entrepreneur. Achieving early success going door to door selling candy bars for band and cookies for the girl scouts. That early success came from my own tenacity, and something else that is often overlooked. The relationships I had with neighbors, friends and local businesses. As an adult, struggling to understand the secrets to sales success, I realized that underlying all success is a solid network of interpersonal relationships. I have since expanded on that idea to unlock the secrets to accelerating business growth, creating powerful partnerships, and simplifying the sales process.
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    Sales Consultant
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    The Follow Up Boss
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    herbal medicine, hiking, kayaking, crochet
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    I work with Customer-centric businesses to pinpoint hurdles in their customer journey, identifying friction in their sales process and empowering them to better demonstrate their values from the very first contact with their future customer.
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    Connecting with fellow business owners who are passionate about how they serve their clientele.
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    United States
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    Sales Clarity Assessment -
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    Columbus State Community College
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    What area of your sales process causes you the most trouble?
    What core values do you want prospects to know about your business?
    Have you done a sales process evaluation in the last 2 years?
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    I love to meet passionate business owners. Connect us via email or LinkedIn

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    Bethany teaches high-touch, high-value businesses how to pinpoint hurdles in their customer journey, ensuring the full process from Hello to Sign Here aligns with the business's core values, removing the "ick" from the sales process while getting the desired results.
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