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    Borum Design
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    With a fine arts background and a combination of artistry and versatility she has had the unique opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of design disciplines including hospitality, retail, residential and commercial design. She has a commitment constantly learn and challenge herself in her design career and believes in “design thinking” as a harbinger of change for the global greater good.
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    Borum started her design journey at California College of the Arts where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture. It was here that Borum realized her passion for Interior design, and formed the goal of, one day, opening her own studio. She was able to fulfill this dream in 2014 with Borum Design.

    Borum’s fine arts background and abundant relationships with clients, consultants, vendors, and contractors allow Borum Design the unique ability to work across hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential spaces.

    She leads her team of talented designers from ideation to completion of each project, ensuring that their values and style are successfully represented and executed as a team.

    Borum is a synergistic and thoughtful designer. She works collaboratively with her network of fabricators and artists to create exclusively customized pieces for her client because she is called to make each space distinct and unparalleled.
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    Interior Design
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    Project Manager
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    Life in prayers, Living as a disciple of Jesus, Bible, Homeschooling, Weight lifting, Workout
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    Business owners, property management, commercial brokers, commercial realtors, developers, contractors,
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    United States
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    California College of the Arts
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    Commercial Interior Designer