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    Caren's Organizing Solutions
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    I love organizing and I love helping people get their spaces organized so that they are experiencing calm and joy.
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    Caren Osborne brings joy to living and working at home. As the CEO of Caren’s Organizing Solutions, she partners with busy entrepreneurs and professionals to provide decluttering, easy to use productivity tools, and the accountability needed to cultivate more calm, free their time, and stay organized.
    A professional organizer with 20+ years of experience, Caren is well-known for guiding others to clear clutter, make key decisions, and bring more joy into their lives with better organizing systems. As part of her practice, she’s become both a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™ and is a KonMari Method® Consultant-in-Training. In her previous career, Caren spent more than 30 years working in project management across a variety of industries, becoming an expert at keeping both projects and people organized, helping them work together smoothly to reach big picture goals.
    Caren is a passionate supporter of both the organizing and small business communities. She served as the conference coordinator for The Photo Managers Annual Conference for 8 years. Currently, Caren is a member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), TPM (The Photo Managers, WIN (Women in Networking), and the Rotary Club of Pittsboro.
    Beyond the world of organizing, Caren runs “Nanny Camp” on snow days, teacher work days, and school vacation days for grandkids, Mia – 8, Charlie – 6, and Oliver – 4. When she’s not attending their sports games, swim meets, and dance recitals, Caren enjoys gardening, needle crafts, traveling, spending time at the beach, and quality time with her rescue dog and cat - Sadie and Dorie.
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    Personal Organizer
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    gardening, enjoying the outdoors, needlecrafts, traveling
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    Chapel Hill
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    A busy entrepreneur who is overwhelmed by the amount of paper and stuff they have in their office but doesn't have the time to declutter and get organized.
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    North Carolina
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    United States
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    Brandeis University
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    Hey! You might enjoy connecting with Caren Osborne of Caren’s Organizing Solutions. She works in home and office organizing and is well-known for providing both the home office organizing services and productivity tools you need to get organized (and stay organized). Caren partners with entrepreneurs, often women and/or those with home-based businesses. In fact, she is a partner who equips people with custom organizing solutions and simple productivity tools to transform your space and finally bring peace (and keep peace) in your home office and other spaces. For more info, you can reach Caren at or set a free consultation at