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    The Law Firm of Keith A Cothroll
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    People are terrified of the IRS, but they don't need to be if they contact me. There is a lot that I can do if you call me first.
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    Born and raised in West Texas (Viva El Paso!) Engaged to Michelle

    Mr. Cothroll has worked for over thirteen years defending individuals and small businesses in IRS audits and collection procedures throughout the country. He has litigated tax matters before the US Tax Court in Houston, Texas. Keith Cothroll also does consumer bankruptcy work in the Southern District of Texas.

    Mr. Cothroll has volunteered for Impact Church of Christ and Rebuild Houston over many years. He is a member of the Church of Christ.

    Licensed by the Texas Bar November 2005
    Licensed to practice before the US Tax Court
    Licensed to practice before the Southern District of Texas

    Lecturer, HBA Paralegal Program: Nuts and Bolts of IRS

    Lecturer Tax Mob 2022 Branson, MO (Tax Debt and Bankruptcy)

    Frequent contributor to Business Freedom LinkedIn webinar and Business Talk with Sherman On.
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    Tax Attorney
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    Trying not to get run over by the bicyclists at Terry Hershey Park on my walks, biking, service
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    United States
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    UT Arlington
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    1. Who does your bookkeeping/payroll?
    2. Are you current on tax filings?
    3. Any outstanding debts?
    4. How do you keep track of income/expenses?